May 25, 2014


Full sized 
Blue Girl Meditates

Now that the first half of Make Art That Sells is over (MATS A), I'm back at Lilla Rogers BOOTCAMP. The pace is a little slower with the assignments coming once a month instead of once a week. Even so, I didn't think I was going to be able to complete May's assignment because I've just started a new job and it's full time! So absolutely no time, there. I won't even get into how much gardening I have piled up around me. 

Anyway, enough complaining. The assignment was an Editorial piece for a magazine article about 
"How to Meditate".  

I hear the Editorial market week will be a good one in the MATS B course, come this fall. I can hardly wait. 

For this illustration I used my painting from our Wall Art assignment for the background, recolouring it blue in Photoshop. I also had to crop it down to 8.5 x 11 inches.  I had no idea what to do when I started, but with the pressure on I ended up pleasantly surprised as usual. I like what you can get done when there's no time to think about it. 
I wonder what's in store for June, aside from weeding.