January 3, 2015

A Wrinkle in Time

I've become very interested in Kim Klassen's artwork. She creates beautiful still life textured photographs that are all soft and dreamy. 

Here's my attempt at a few textured photos of my own. 
Not a very soft and dreamy still life, I'm afraid. I seem to be drawn to the darker side of things. I think it needs more blur.
Here are two unaltered versions of a pretty place near my house. 
And how lucky, it started to snow. I was hoping it would, and voila, there it was! It was mostly slush but, whatever. 

As you can see, the place has been boarded up for some time.  My husband enjoys the haunted feel of it. I prefer a more lived in look. Maybe curtains and a dash of chimney smoke?
First, I cut and pasted the only window left on the building and stuck it on top of the boards. Then I did the same with a section of grass over the watering equipment in the front yard. After retouching it using a paintbrush in Photoshop, it didn't look half bad.  Next I overlayed the photo with a few of Kim Klassen's textures, which made the colours really vibrant. And I like that, but as I mentioned I'm trying to go all dreamy, the way Kim does. Time for a redo.

Here, I exchanged the dark textures with a pinky one. Then refitted the bottom window from three panes to four, and cropped the whole photo. So much for all that fiddling around I did getting the equipment out of the shot. Truthfully though, I think I prefer the dark one. I'm going to try printing it on some fancy photo paper. I'm hoping I'll be more impressed. 

It's supposed to snow here in the Valley tonight. I mean, really snow! Yay, where's my mitts.