January 20, 2015

Coffee, Tea or Cozy!

Well, I've been fooling around in Kim Klassen's class using Lightroom and Photoshop. Not easy! Oh sorry, am I yelling? Don't mind me, feeling a little frustrated is all. 

The theme this week is, 'Cuppa, tea or coffee'. So here are four photos using different presets in LR. 
 I just installed Photoshop and Lightroom the other day and there's so much to learn. Not to mention that I also had to update my computer to Yosemite and everything's a bit different. Grrrr. 
So many of the people in that group are actual photographers, which makes things more than a little intimidating. 
Anyway, I was trying to create an artistic photo to post in class and showcase my Blackberry Bunny tea cozy at the same time. Don't think it worked. She needs a closeup. I'll do it later. Right now I think I need to go poke a fox.
The little lady needs a face.