February 21, 2016

Lunch in Provence

I thought I'd jet off to Provence for a bite to eat and stopped at a quaint little place in the country that was serving wine, fresh beets and pears. 
Just kidding, but you knew that. This is another set up for Barb Brookbank's Table Setting prompt. I enjoyed my first try so much I thought I do it again. 
I see I could also use these for Kim Klassen's prompt, Slice of... slice of beet, slice of pear. 
Wasn't thinking of that when I took them. 
It was really cloudy today so my husband shone his shop light through my window like my very own little sun! 
It worked really well. 
No more sad days in the gloom.  
 Just wine and dessert!
Warm sun and dessert
 with pink fingernails. 
And pretty flower plates. 
Next stop... who knows.