February 12, 2016

More Slice of...

So here's my next version of Kim Klassen's prompt, Slice Of...
Yesterday I did Slice Of... Life. Today I thought I'd try Slice Of... Heaven. Sort of a romantic little story about love. 
You can't see it from this shot but there's a little diamond ring in the middle of the bird's nest. 
I only managed to get one of these closeups that wasn't blurry, in all the wrong places. 
I took a ton of photos and it was really hard to pick the ones to edit. Not even sure if I picked the right ones. 
Also, it was pouring rain when I got home and I was so worried my photos were going to be lousy. 
So  I asked out loud for sun and boom, there it was for about 3 hours. 
 Somebody up there likes me. 
Happy Valentine's Day!