November 3, 2016


My coworker, Maureen and I created this fun display for the market at Krause Berry Farms. And having so many unique products to work with, we had a ball designing it. 
These items tell a charming story about Anja, a sweet little girl with a Christmas wish. 
There's adorable books, decorations and linens,
 with something for everyone's Christmas beginnin's. 
 Mugs filled with treats, I pick cocoa.
 Who wouldn't?
  Made candlelier lighting. Real candles? 
You shouldn't.
There's rugs for your tootsies in gay, cheery patterns.
And functional aprons to ward off the splatterns. 
Many bells, countless stars keep the gaiety bright, 
ready to fasten on a cold winter's night. 
We have mittens and booties to hang near your hat.
Look! Nordic-style teapots to cherish, beat that!
 You can never go wrong with a cute wooden sign.
And jingle bell garlands will all do just fine!
Warm stuffies to love make the children so happy.
Before they go down for their afternoon nappy.
Pretty napkins to dab cocoa drips from your chin,
And bells for your reindeer! She said with a grin.
 Of course bedtime stories and soft friends to cuddle.
Make it all dreamy, 
For your holiday huddle!