July 24, 2011

Clare's Backyard Pool Party!

Clare had such a good time in the water yesterday we wanted to do it again but things didn't work out quite the way we'd planned. 
The river was raging. 
She wouldn't be jumping in that.
  It wasn't a very calming atmosphere and she seemed a little stressed. It could have been the noise. 
 Everything seemed so hard and rushed. Her ears and these flowers were about the softest things around.
 We tried to drive up to Cultus Lake but the traffic was horrendous. I guess everyone had the same idea. We sat in the hot car for hours. It's a good thing I wet her down in a quiet part of the river before we started for home. 
She was very happy to be back in her own backyard. Especially when we set up her pool. 
Then she played,
and played,
and played
for the whole afternoon and hardly got her back wet at all. Silly girl.