July 23, 2011

Clare's Big Day at the Beach!

I don't have a lot to say except that it was a gorgeous day at the beach today!
Beautiful wild sweet peas lined the path.

There were sailboats, field flowers,
and kites of all kinds.
This one looks like a hawk or maybe a pheasant. 
But the best fun was watching Clare brave the ocean for the first time in her pampered little life.
There was tons of hesitation in the beginning. 
And she spent a lot of her time watching the other dogs play before she'd give it a try. 
Of course once she got the hang of it, there was no getting her out of the water. She's a Labrador, after all, though she is scared of ducks since one quacked really loud at her when she was a pup. 
And a quiet little girl, she always leaves when other dogs start barking too loud. 
It was such fun seeing her so happy. Not that she's not happy but that she was being doggish. 
 Trying something different, acting like a real dog. She seems very human and copies us all the time.  Maybe she's very ape. She hasn't started eating with utensils yet but does go get her blanket to share when one of us is feeling bad. 
She's flaked out on the floor right now, dreaming about the ocean, is my guess. 
Sweet dreams everyone.