July 14, 2011

Tale of the Black Mamba

Well, I'm finally ready to self publish. Here's the cover I've designed, front and back for my YA novel,
Tale of the Black Mamba 
I'm so excited about the whole process of finally publishing my own book. There's still a lot of work to do but I'll be launching very soon. I really hope you and the children in your life will enjoy this high adventure story. 

Here's a quote from the book:
"Sometimes from birth, the darkness in a man's soul is so riddled with spores, all that is left him is to incubate evil. In the same way vultures hover over the bleak remains of dying creatures, greed and cruelty hunch themselves atop the blades of this man's shoulders in anticipation of a feast."

Sounds scary but my freelance editor Jacquie Argent loved the book, calling it a comic romp. If you want to read more click on the image to enlarge it and read the rest.