April 25, 2014

Lilla Rogers MATS A Week 4 Assignment

Made it through another week of MATS and finished early this time even though I worked my day job as well. Don't know how I managed that. Probably because I really enjoyed this lesson. The assignment was an abstract college-style piece of wall art. I actually thought I would hate it because I didn't think I could do it and with all the stipulations involved I assumed it would be hard. 

I call my piece Apple Blossoms. We could only use two colours which Lilla gave us according to our Zodiac signs, plus as many neutrals as we wanted. Luckily I got pink and yellow as my main colours. Then we had to include words or at least one, apparently that's the trend (I hate words on art). Had to include a floral motif even if it was just tiny. Must include some kind of traditional paint and geometric or organic motifs. 
 Not crazy about collage either, so for that part I glued a large piece of nubbly fabric onto a 36 x 36 inch piece of Ranger board. Don't ask me what that is, my husband bought it at the hardware store. The guy said it takes paint really well. Good enough. I wouldn't call that collage exactly, but I glued something. I used acrylics for this painting. A bit of stencil from the dollar store as my geometric shape, some rug hooking canvas to get the little dots and a pallet knife to paint my flowers. It was a really fun project and I know I'll be pallet knifing a lot more of these. Probably disguise the word before I stick it on my wall, though.