March 14, 2011

Florence in Spring

Meet Florence. My daughter named her. These little rabbits just don't seem finished unless they have a name. At first I was naming them in secret thinking people might want to choose their own name (and because I worried they might think me crazy). But I was wrong and naming them has become a request with my customers. What a nice surprise.

 I finished her last night and photographed her this morning. Even though it was raining when I snapped this photo I was still able to use the lessons I learned in class to produce a much brighter image. I think she looks adorable! But I see as I write, the sun has decided to poke its head through the clouds. Grrr.

My friend commented, "They're so cute! How can you stand to part with them?" I don't think I will ever stop loving the bunnies I create, but it gives me such pleasure to know they will bring a smile to someone's face, besides mine.