March 23, 2011

Still Hunting for Spring Colour

I've been having such fun with my Blogging Your Way course and playing around in the photography classes taught by Leslie Shewring  that I thought I'd continue on with my theme of hunting for Spring colour. I decided to see what kind of colour and fun things were around my town. I've never been much of a photographer and never really thought I had an eye for it but with all the tools available now, it's hard not to be. For instance, there was a distracting tree branch sticking up in the left corner of this picture and I took it out with Photoshop. Just like that--took it out. Amazing! I love this picture. I pass by this bowling alley all the time and never saw it like this before. I've lived here for 20 yrs! 

After our walk we stopped off at the grocery store and right out front I found beautiful lillies. 

Inside, I took a detour on my way to the margarine section to snap these fun jellybeans. This picture was originally very dark and brown looking, til I brightened it up. I'm so proud of myself. I love it because it reminds of when I was little, living in Toronto and my mum bought me a whole big, white paper bag full of them to eat on the streetcar.  

On the way home we stopped so I could capture this great mural painted on the outside of a produce store. I don't know what's been the matter with me. I must've been walking around with my eyes closed. How could you not appreciate that colour?

Here's more of the same mural. One of things I find so fun about this inspiring new hobby is, I can do anything. I lifted out trash off the street and filled in bits of paint that was missing from the mural and it turned out great. 

Finally in my own backyard, I took a picture of my beautiful Bacchus head fountain. He had a bit of dirt on his nose and lip which I removed, but other than that, this is just the way he looks hanging over my garden wondering where all the water is. 

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little jaunt today. I saw much more than I thought I would. So it looks like I'll be doing a lot more of this hunting and appreciating my very own little town.