March 22, 2011

Hunting for Spring

I'm so jealous of everyone's posts of Spring and I'm longing for some warm weather too. So today when we took Clare for a walk in the woods and I wrapped my scarf around my neck, I wrapped it with a mission... see if I could hunt down some Spring colour.

We saw beautiful snacking deer. Springy, but they're brown.
The closest I came to any real colour was this gorgeous woodpecker.

My flowers aren't up yet so when we got back, I thought I'd improvise and make a few.
Pinwheels are warm and happy, but not quite bright enough for my liking. 

 When paper flowers didn't do it for me, I decided to make a run to my local nursery where I found these basking beauties. Now, that's what I'm talkin' about! COLOUR!

I couldn't resist getting a shot of their cute little sunshiney kitty while I was at it.

And yummy tulips, looking good enough to eat.

 Thank you, day. I send a prayer of gratitude, love and peace to the world.